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Sell Tickets

Ready to Start Selling Tickets?

Sell tickets for your events & attractions. Our easy to use check-in app will make it simple to view your sales and scan tickets.

Make all your Pendleton Events Simply Made Events with Ticketing Powered by

Ticketing Features

  • Sell tickets online & get funds in your own Stripe account. No waiting for after event settlements. 
  • Use our free ticket scanning app or download attendee lists for event check-in.
  • Gather custom attendee information for each event or ticket type. 
  • Sell tickets using your own custom venue layout. More info. We will custom build your venue for you or you can use our easy to use venue layout designer.  Seating charts are limited to one ticket type/price per seat. You can assign diferent price per section but not 2 potential prices per seat such as a senior or child discounted ticket. 
  • Send attendees a personal welcome message upon check-in.
  • Personalize tickets with your event & sponsor logos, event schedule, and terms & conditions. Our easy to use ticket designer gives you lots of flexibility. 

We use Stripe to collect payments on We have found Stripe to be one of the least expensive credit card processing companies.  There is no waiting for after event settlements to get your funds.   Your money is your money. 

There is a 10% ticket processing fee that you can choose to pay OR pass the 10% fee along to the purchaser as a ticket fee (more events pass this fee to the purchaser). The 10% fees collected go back to Travel Pendleton to continue the success of

Stripe Fee 2.9%+ .30 per order
Stripe Fee 2.9%+ .30 per order

You Must be Logged in to Sell Tickets. If you are not yet registered you can do so here You are already logged in.

  • Our Ticket Check-in App is easy to use, fast and works on most mobile devices.  

    Works on 

    • iOS (ipad & iphone)
    • Android 
    • Desktop & Laptops

    Easy as 1….2…..3

    1. Download the App or simply go to the Live URL to open the app without having to download it. 
    2. Get Your Unique API Key from your Ticketing Dashboard.
    3. Start Scanning Tickets! You can also list the attendees to check people in who forgot their tickets or search for attendees by their personal info.